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Physical Therapist, Athletic Trainer

"You should never be defined by what you do, by the things you have; you’ve got to define yourself by who you are and who you impact and how you impact people…” -Tony Dungy

Work Location: *Hamilton, *Hyde Park


  • Doctor of Physical Therapy, Youngstown State University
  • Bachelors of Science in Athletic Training, Xavier University

Continuing Education:

  • Dry Needling Course(January 2018)


  • American Physical Therapy Association- Sports Section

Personal Interests:

  • Sports Rehabilitation & Performance training
  • Golf
  • Food- especially new restaurants with unique dishes
  • Grilling out and relaxing with family and friends

What is your favorite vacation you have ever taken? Why?: Destin, St. John, Virgin Islands. It is a very quiet and remote island with beautiful scenery and terrific food. I was able to relax and snorkel with sea turtles.

My bucket list (three things I want to do before I die):

  • Ride in the cockpit of an airplane
  • Play a round of golf at The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews
  • Sail to the British Virgin Islands

If you could trade places for a day with someone, who would it be and why?: Guy Fieri, he gets to travel across the country, visit different restaurants, and try all types of food.



Physical Therapist Assistant

"I have worked in sports medicine and outpatient orthopaedics since 1996, with the last five years as a PTA. It is very rewarding to make a positive difference in a patient's life and get them back to their prior activity levels."

Work Location: Hamilton


  • Associates of Applied Science, Physical Therapy Assisting,Gateway Community College
  • BS, Physical Education, Northern Arizona University


  • Physiotherapy Associates – Peoria, AZ
  • Head Athletic Trainer – Centennial HS
  • Head Athletic Trainer – Westview High School
  • John C. Lincoln Health Network

Continuing Education:

  • Clinical Examination & Manual Therapy of the Upper Cervical Spine
  • Mechanics of the Lower Kinetic Chain
  • Foot & Ankle Biomechanics: Clinical Applications & Problem Solving


  • National Athletic Trainers Association

Personal Interests:

  • Spending time with family & friends
  • Football
  • Traveling
  • Outdoor Activities

What is your favorite vacation you have ever taken? Why?: Hawaii beacuse my wife and I were married on Maui and the islands are truly amazing!

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Physical Therapist Assistant, Team PTA

"After injuring my ankle playing sports, I became interested in turning physical therapy into a career. As a Physical Therapist Assistant, I enjoy motivating patients to help reach their functional goals while assisting them on their road to recovery."

Work Location: Hamilton Northern Region Team PTA


  • Associates of Applied Science, Sinclair Community College
  • Licensed Massage Therapist, Cincinnati School of Medical Massage

Personal Interests:

  • Spending time with family & friends
  • Going to new, interesting restaurants to try unique food
  • Camping, Hiking, Outdoor Activities
  • Attending local events in the community

My bucket list (three things I want to do before I die):

  • Take a road trip out west to see all of the popular sites along the way: Grand Canyon, Mount Rushmore, Oregon Redwood Forest.
  • Travel abroad to Italy, Ireland, Australia
  • Learn another language

What is your favorite vacation you have ever taken? Why?: My favorite vacation would have to be when I went to Mexico to see the Mayan Ruins of Tulum. It was amazing to see the ancient city and learn about the history of the port.