My journey to find a physical therapist started close to two years ago when I developed a debilitating back issue. I was prescribed physical therapy as an initial attempt to help alleviate the pain in my back. The challenge was finding the best physical therapy center that would not only be experienced in spinal issues but would have physical therapists willing and able to give me the time and attention I would eventually need.
A friend recommended Oxford Physical Therapy as they had been treated at the Montgomery office.
Not only was the office conveniently located but scheduling an appointment was uncomplicated. That came in handy as I spent numerous months in therapy before back surgery. When my insurance prescribed therapy was complete, I was still able to come in for therapy. Offering that service is a rarity. After two surgeries, I had months of recovery. During that time, I was able to be in contact with my therapist, Dustin. He was always willing and available to answer any questions or concerns and was so patient and positive when I feared the worst. When I was able to begin physical therapy, I had little confidence that the pain would be gone and my back would be sound again. The expertise of Dustin and Cindy and the help of Jeremy, I gradually improved and continually progressed. Without their patience, guidance and motivation, I would not be where I am today.It has been almost a year since my first surgery and a little over six months since my second surgery. I am walking over four miles a day and the day to day abilities we all take for granted, I am able to do again with little to no pain.The staff at the Montgomery office has played such a large part in where I am today. Scheduling on short notices to always being pleasant, professional and light hearted.
I am truly blessed and thankful to have worked with such a fantastic group!
— Carrie
Rob and Julia have giving me more quality of life.I enjoy coming there.The tips Rob has giving have helped 100%. I recently had another MRI and look forward to telling Rob the findings
Thank you Oxford Phyiscal Therapy
— Tammy G

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“The entire staff was great, but Matt, Emily, Tad, Meredith and Kelly were especially responsible for my recovery from shoulder surgery! There was a time when I didn’t think I would be able to play golf again, but Matt assured me that I would; and with his help, I’m fully recovered! No pain! I can’t say thanks enough!!”
— Stanley

“OPTC was the only facility that was willing and able to help me recover without lecture or judgment. The staff was positive and empathetic. They all understood what my athletic goals were, and encouraged my development in order to meet those goals. I didn’t have to hear “never run again”. I was actually provided real solutions to the problem.”
— Jessica

“I just wanted to let you know how pleased I was with the physical therapy I received at the Montgomery location following my total knee replacement earlier this year. From the moment I walked in the door I received the professional and personal treatment that I was looking for. I felt like a person—not a number. While I worked mainly with John and Kristen, I had the opportunity to work with three other physical therapists and several other assistants. Each and every one of them was simply terrific! In addition to providing me with great attention and care, I could tell that every one of them was knowledgeable and conscientious, and that they all were passionate about their work. As a patient straight out of surgery and with weeks between follow up visits to the doctor, my therapists were a great source of information and moral support. While they have probably been through hundreds of total knee replacement rehabs, this was MY first, and I had a myriad of questions and concerns that they patiently helped me with. They did almost as much for me mentally and emotionally as they did for me physically. I am so grateful to all of them for all their hard work, dedication, and patience—I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Thank you!”
— Milena

“Oxford is the place to go if you want to get well! I’m a fairly young man, 32, but I have wrestled with back pain for 15 years. After only 1 treatment with Matt and the team at the Crestview Hills/ Chapel Place Center my hope was on the rise and I came home and told my wife that this was going to work. Matt is professional, knowledgeable, very positive and encouraging. He listened carefully to my symptoms, empathized and gave me the proper instructions moving forward. The rest of the staff is excellent as well, all of the assistants are good at what they do and keep all parts of treatment moving efficiently, so you always have the attention you need with next to no wait times. If you are searching between different physical therapists, stop! This is the place to go to get well.”
— Eric

“As a fellow clinical manager, I can honestly say that within my 18 years of managing and leading medical professionals over a span of 95 countries that Dr. Robert Schwab is one of the most professional individuals I have encountered within the medical community. His professionalism is echoed through: a very well kept and clean facility; professional staff and students; superior bedside manner; willingness to go above and beyond in educating patients, staff, and students; community involvement; and even his down to earth whit.”
— SMSgt Tim Carentz