Oncology Rehabilitation Program

We offer a prescribed exercise regimen for anyone that is battling cancer or is a cancer survivor.  Research has shown that physical therapy for cancer has helped to address symptoms, reduce pain, and side effects from the treatment.  Patients with cancer and cancer survivors that exercise have shown an improvement in their quality of life, aerobic capacity, muscular strength, physical conditioning, fatigue, and physiology. 

Whether you are alleviating symptoms, reducing pain, or increasing your strength level, our trained clinicians are here to help all patients with cancer meet their particular needs and to answer any questions.

We see patients that have the following


    • Impaired motion
    • Scar tissue
    • Fatigue
    • Pain management
    • Endurance problems
    • Reduced muscle strength
    • Balance problems
    • Chronic pain

    Our trained clinicians will help patients with cancer and cancer survivors:

    • Restore and regain function
    • Regain balance
    • Control pain
    • Reduce swelling
    • Start a strength training program

    Did you know?

    • Patients with cancer tend not to exercise after diagnosis or after completing treatment
    • Cancer survivors can safely participate in exercise training at all points along the cancer trajectory
    • Cancer survivors can adapt to exercise training at all points along the cancer continuum
    • Exercise training can bring about positive physiological and psychological changes in cancer survivors

    Lymphedema Treatment Program:


    We offer a Lymphedema Treatment Program at our  Crestview Hills/Chancellor Dr. Centers with Lauren Palmer, PT, DPT, CLT. Lymphedema is an accumulation of protein-rich fluid, often manifesting in the arms or legs. Lymphedema is a chronic condition which may worsen if not addressed. 

    How Physical Therapy Can Help:

    • Compression is ultitize to prevent the fluid from re-accumulating
    • Exercise has shown to increase lymphatic flow up to 10 times at rest
    • Educate patients on how to treat symptoms independently (self manual lymphatic drainage treatments, and wrapping)
    • Address functional limitations (limited range of motion or strength)
    • Decrease pain and or discomfort

    What You Can Expect During Our Treatment:

    • Treatment will focus on CDT (Complete Decongestive Therapy) which typically includes MLD (Manual Lymphatic Drainage), patient education, therapeutic exercises, and compression (garments or wrapping)
    • Patients may be instructed in self lymphatic massage
    • Measurements of swelling, range of motion, and strength
    • Our Physical Therapists will evaluate your symptoms to determine the cause