Without proper support in your shoes, your running or walking mechanics might change. You might not notice it right away, but over time the changes can lead to injuries to your feet, ankles, knees, hips, and even your back.  Custom orthotics can be used for anyone who might need a little more support if their shoes are not correcting the problem.  

Orthotics are customized inserts for your footwear to change the mechanical function of the foot.  The goal of orthotics is to allow your feet to have better mechanics and to provide better body alignment.  With the right support, you can benefit from better shock absorption, support through your arch, and pressure redistribution.  At any of our 14 convenient locations, we can take a look at your running style, along with your shoe support, and work with you to get the fit you need to get back to feeling great.

A quick video about Orthotics

Most common reasons for getting orthotics


    • Severe flat feet or high arches
    • Attempted to change shoe wear and didn’t have any change of symptoms
    • Foot, ankle, knee, hip, or back pain
    • Possible leg length discrepancy
    • Poor walking mechanics

    Who can benefit from orthotics?

    • Anyone at any age
    • Athletes
    • People with pain at work (orthotics can be made to fit most dress shoes)

    What is the process of getting orthotics?

    1. Call and schedule an appointment at any of our 14 convenient locations.
    2. Your foot and ankle will be evaluated by one of our therapists to better understand what support you need.
    3. Your physical therapist will then take a plaster cast of each foot.
    4. The cast will be sent off to an office that would fabricate the orthotic from the cast.
    5. The orthotic is then mailed back to our office (typically within 1-2 weeks) and fitted to your feet.