Oxford At Work
Onsite Service - Early Intervention & Injury Prevention

We believe in serving you and your team much like an athletic trainer to ensure everyone understands how to perform at the maximum safest levels.  Using Fit For Work programs, we train your industrial athletes in the proper performance of their work activities--coached according to accepted best practices and methods, and in a corporate culture that values safety, prevention and keeping the team in the game.
Our goals are zero injuries and zero costs from injury.  Anything less is simply unacceptable.

Ergonomics & Human Factors - Focused, Proven, Smart


    Our studies show that one ergonomic risk factor is cause for concern.  Two or more and your risk of incidents goes up exponentially;  and with it, your costs.  

    We understand human factors and we know industry.  Fit for Work applies an evidence-based, lean ergonomics method to bring the two together for maximum results.  

    Employee Testing - Proactive, Comprehensive, Successful

    An employee who is injured and out of the workforce can cost an employer more than two times that person's annual salary in hard costs alone.  Ramp-in, training, lost productivity and temporary staff can make that number climb even higher.  Fit for Work employee testing helps you avoid these costs by assessing a job candidate's physical ability and by providing you a baseline of performance.

    Health & Wellness - Custom, Informed, Caring

    If your organization wants to reduce basic health care costs, there may be substantial economic benefits in implementing a wellness program.  

    High-risk employees are 12.2 percent less productive than are low-risk employees, and on-the-job pain costs employers nearly $47 billion a year in productivity loss.

    (Journal of Occupational Environment and Medicine, 2004, and Mayo Clinic, 2008)

    Safety Compliance Services - Sensible, Committed, Results-Driven

    Compliance with OSHA regulations not only helps you avoid costly penalties and fines, it can also prevent incidents, reduce workers' compensation claims and, with our individualized program in place, will dramatically increase employee morale, production, and company profitability.  

    Fit For Work Program Benefits

    • Reduction in hard and soft costs associated with work and non-work related injuries
    • Increased company productivity and profitability
    • Improved employee morale and decreased worker turnover
    • Elimination or minimization of risks with work related injuries
    • Incorporates medical management;  avoids medical monitoring
    • Quantifying essential physical demands used for job descriptions or employment testing
    • Best practice identification and training
    • Lean ergonomics - process improvement through ergonomic interventions

    For more information please e-mail us at oxfordatwork@oxfordpt.com or call 859.331.2233