Manual Therapy for Spine & Joint

The Oxford Physical Therapy Centers Manual Therapy Program for Spine & Joint has been developed with your functional needs and goals in mind. From your start of care, your rehabilitation focuses on returning you to your normal lifestyle as quickly as possible. Physical therapy starts with a thorough postural screen and spinal evaluation by one of our highly trained and Licensed Physical Therapists. During the evaluation, your Oxford Physical Therapy Centers

Physical Therapist will assess: postural deviations, muscle tightness/imbalances, joint mobility, range of motion and neurologic involvement. This information will then be used to identify the causative factors producing pain or limiting your functional status.

After the completion of your evaluation, your physical therapist will discuss their findings with you and develop a treatment strategy. Development of a personalized home exercise program will be started on day one of the initial evaluation. These exercises will be contoured to address your specific needs that you and your physical therapist have identified. Throughout your course of treatment your physical therapist will modify and progress your exercises accordingly.

During “follow-up care” your Oxford Physical Therapy Centers Physical Therapist will utilize therapeutic exercises and a variety of manual therapy techniques to restore maximal function in minimal time.

This hands-on approach can include


    • Joint Mobilization
    • Soft Tissue Mobilization
    • Myofascial Release Techniques
    • Traction
    • Passive Range of Motion
    • Physio-Ball Exercises
    • Postural & Dynamic Stabilization Exercises

    If you have arm or leg pain/weakness it may be due to an injury to the spine. The expert staff at Oxford Physical Therapy Centers is committed to your health and well being, and will use the techniques that can help you with your recovery. Let Oxford Physical Therapy Centers get you back up and going without delay.